Is an irresistible collection of Bach works, using the unique capabilities of Cameron Carpenter’s International Touring Organ – the only organ of its kind in existence.

Release Date: June 3, 2016

“Bach re-coloured an reworked so profoundly that the music seemed to be emanating from a distant planet and some future time.” – The Telegraph

“A fantastically versatile instrument with magnificent sounds sampled from Carpenter’s favorite organs around the world.” – Los Angeles Times

“Since his stunningly adaptable organ can recreate the perfect Baroque sound, fans of Bach’s music will be utterly delighted.” – Spiegel Online

“Organist Cameron Carpenter drags his instrument into the 21st century.” – The Washington Post


ALL YOU NEED IS BACH the second recording on Cameron Carpenter’s signature International Touring Organ (ITO). Bach’s great keyboard masterpieces provide an ideal platform both for Carpenter’s formidable creative and recreative gifts and the seemingly limitless possibilities of his dream instrument.

Bach’s complete organ music has been central to Carpenter’s immense and multi-facetted repertoire. For his first all-Bach release, Carpenter has created a stimulating and wide-ranging program that reveals the fullest scope of Bach’s genius. The album title ALL YOU NEED IS BACH does not only refer to the immense popularity of Bach but also to The Beatles’ classic 1967 recording All You Need Is Love, where Bach’s Invention No. 8 in F major proudly rises out of the coda’s collage-like texture.

In creating the ITO, the organ building team of Marshall & Ogletree apply sophisticated computer technology to digitally reproduce the sounds of many diverse American pipe organs without any of their mechanisms. Carpenter can access these sounds with unprecedented immediacy and flexibility, which allow him to delve unusually deeply into Bach’s emotional world.

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